Rhino - Waiters Friend Corkscrew & Bottle Opener

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Tough 4.7oz Double Lever Bar Tool With Stainless Steel Foil Cutter - Ultimate Cork Remover

Effortless Double Hinged Lever, 2-Step Key with Foil Cutter.

Sturdy 4.7oz lever bar tool with foil cutter - effortless cork remover, beautifully balanced & engineered making this a fan favorite amongst wine professionals around the world including sommeliers and bartenders.

Born out of a frustration with purchasing wine accessories that never quite lived up to the expectation, our products are designed with the customer in mind.

The half inch stainless steel fulcrum provides amazing stability, so less force is needed with this wine cork remover. Because of this you will be able to handle long and tricky corks with ease. We call this 'the beauty of art & engineering'.

AVINA products are made with care and attention to every detail. From the very first time you will pick up any of our products the weight and balance of it will make it feel like a natural extension of you.

Made in cooperation with true and tried wine veterans from the midst of Spanish wine country our openers will translate that passion for the art of winemaking to the palm of your hand.
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • Innovative Design
  • Superior Functionality

Serrated Foil Cutter
The foil cutter on our wine opener is shaped to naturally follow the contours of any wine bottle, and serrated to ensure the effortless removal of all foil types. The cutter moves smoothly and perfectly fits into the housing for maximum safety.

Stainless Steel Fulcrum
The half inch stainless steel fulcrum provides amazing stability, so less force is needed removing corks. Now you will be able to remove corks like a true sommelier and enjoy your glass of wine without the risk of broken corks spoiling your experience.

Specially Designed Worm
Removal of any cork type will be smooth sailing with our specially designed slotted corkscrew. Because of the way our openers are engineered the worm and fulcrum are working together in perfect harmony to ensure removal of even the most difficult of corks.

Superior Finishing
Our wine openers are loved by wine professionals around the world for their superior finishing and attention to detail. Every single one of our products is designed to last a lifetime and built with only the best materials available.